WHY DOES DE BLASIO HATE WOMEN? Mayor De Blasio, Don’t Set Women Back By Shackling Uber: Politicians should welcome Uber, a creative ride-sharing service that enables women to be more safe and self-reliant.

Uber is the best thing to happen to women since the invention of birth control. It allows us to leave when we want without relying on a man to get us home. To understand how empowering this notion is, de Blasio might consider walking in our red stilettos one Saturday night.

Of course, not every woman needs an app to escape a bad date, but Uber provides a safety net for those that do. With Uber, women don’t need a permission slip to leave the dinner table. We don’t need to stay for “one more drink,” and we certainly don’t need to deal with the anxiety of hailing for a cab that might never come. No. With Uber, we just click a button, and our car arrives.

Politicians should welcome this creative service that enables women to be more safe and self-reliant—not stand in its way.

They don’t want you self-reliant. They want you dependent.