ASHE SCHOW: With Buzzfeed video, Carly Fiorina continues her millennial outreach.

In a video for Buzzfeed, Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina took on the differences between how men and women are treated in the workplace.

I’ll admit that I laughed multiple times throughout the video. On the surface, the lighthearted video is yet another example of Fiorina’s grasp of the importance of reaching people on different platforms. It also showed Fiorina’s willingness to address difficult topics that might appeal to a broad spectrum of voters.

But after finishing the video, I concluded that it was just another attempt to divide people. Amy Miller at Legal Insurrection said Fiorina’s attempt to connect was “pandering.”

“Carly is funny, engaging, and smart — but she used that power for evil. She walked into a young, modern, progressive venue, and threw her own womanhood under the bus in an effort to pander to a base that will never vote for her,” Miller wrote. “Fiorina has defined herself as a businesswoman, CEO, and force to be reckoned with; she should not have to — and should never (NEVER) — have to play into the hands of liberals who work every day to manufacture divides in our society.”

Yeah, that’s kinda my take too. On the other hand, this stuff works.