ASHE SCHOW: Anti-discrimination law is being used to discriminate.

Author Jessica Gavora has a great Wall Street Journal article detailing how the anti-discrimination law known as Title IX is used to discriminate.

Title IX was first passed 43 years ago as a way to increase the number of women athletes on college campuses. But Title IX has since been expanded to force colleges and universities to play investigator, judge and jury for accusations of sexual assault. The law has been reinterpreted to consider sexual assault a form of gender discrimination — even when the accuser and accused are of the same gender — that must therefore be handled by the university.

Gavora explained that liberals have only been upset about the law’s expansiveness since one of their own — Laura Kipnis — found herself ensnared in its grasp. Kipnis was accused of violating Title IX over an article she wrote criticizing the way it was being used to accuse anyone and everyone of assault for various comments and sleights (yes, the accusation was that absurd). . . .

First male athletes were targeted, and now male students in general, as well as the academics who criticize the practice, are in the cross hairs. Gavora asks: “Who will be next?”

That worry is why even campus lefties are suddenly concerned.