ASHE SCHOW: We disagree with you, [insert insult here]!

We’ve reached the point where simply disagreeing with someone is not enough. One must both disagree and name-call to really get the point across.

One of the best examples of this kind of reaction comes from those who really, really want to believe that American colleges are the worst places for women on earth, despite evidence that not only are rapes and sexual assaults not the norm on college campuses, but also that they are more likely to occur off-campus.

Some students at Oberlin College have taken to their school’s newspaper to write their opposition to American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, who will be speaking at the college Monday night at the invitation of the school’s College Republicans. Because the students (and some local groups) disagree with Hoff Sommers’ viewpoint about the prevalence of campus sexual assault, they have called her a “rape denialist.”

The proper response to these pathetic losers is to paraphrase Professor Kingsfield: Here’s a dime. Go call your mother and tell her you’re too immature for college.