IF YOU’RE MALE AND BELONG TO A FRATERNITY, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. YOU EXIST ON SUFFERANCE. Kansas fraternity suspended over sexually vulgar text messages. Seriously. Remember: Crucifix in urine — vital free speech! Vulgar private messages — Death penalty offense!

UPDATE: ACLU Says Speech Protected By First Amendment. Ya think? What’s troubling is that so many university administrators seem to assume that the First Amendment only protects lefty groups, and that they have a free hand to do whatever they want to groups they dislike. These administrators should be shamed, and, ideally, fired.

The President of Washburn University is Jerry Farley. According to the story above, “Farley said he plans to implement disciplinary action once the students involved are identified.” Remember, he wants to discipline students for things said in private conversations. I wonder if what’s in his emails and texts is beyond all reproach?