CATS AND DOGS, LIVING TOGETHER: OPEC Complains That United States Is Pumping Too Much Oil. “We are often reminded that in today’s multilateral world, where continents, regions and countries are increasingly becoming interconnected, there is little room for unilateral action, especially in the vast and intricate world of commodity trading. Today, operating purely through self-interest is quite simply frowned upon. As the old adage says, a problem shared, is a problem halved. Yet, when it comes to the supply of petroleum, there is a stubborn willingness of some non-OPEC producers to adopt a go-it-alone attitude, with scant regard for the consequences.”

Heh. But wait, it gets better: Egyptian TV Host Begs Netanyahu To Bomb Iran.

You know, this “smart diplomacy” stuff may not be working out very well, but it’s damn entertaining.