HILLARY CLINTON HARDEST HIT: Simple Facial Scans Reveal How Fast a Person Is Aging. “Researchers have found that simple 3-D image scans of people’s faces can determine a person’s “biological age” more reliably than blood samples can. This technology could help doctors assess patients’ risk of age-related diseases and evaluate the efficacy of treatments. . . . Using facial photos researchers mapped each face’s biological landmarks like the eyes, nose and mouth as reference points. By measuring the distances between facial landmarks in young and old people, reliable patterns of aging emerged. As people get older, researchers found, the mouth elongates and the nose becomes wider, the corners of eyes droop, and the face starts to sag as fat accumulates in the cheeks. Four measurements — mouth width, nose width, mouth-nose distance and eye droop — were key indicators, shared by both sexes, of the aging process at work.”