I BLAME RACISM. ASIANS, AND FOREIGN STUDENTS GENERALLY, SHOULD PROBABLY AVOID VASSAR JUST TO BE SAFE. Due process denied: Judge finds against Vassar student accused of sexual assault.

To those who knew him, Peter Yu was a shy young man – highly intelligent, athletic and a good student. A Chinese citizen, Yu was accepted to Vassar College in 2011 as a sophomore, having obtained enough Advanced Placement credits at his Connecticut boarding school to skip his freshman year.

Yu, who grew up in Northeastern China, joined the rowing team and excelled, becoming a varsity team member as a sophomore. He met a fellow team member, the daughter of a Vassar professor, and became friends.

In February 2012, during a team party in which both Yu and his fellow team member consumed alcohol, the two engaged in sexual intercourse. Yu lost his virginity that night.

One year later, she would accuse him of sexual assault over the incident.

Between the time of the encounter and the accusation, Yu and his accuser exchanged multiple friendly Facebook messages. One message from the accuser said: “I’m really sorry I led you on last night I should have known better then [sic] to let my self [sic] drink yet, I really don’t want this to effect [sic] our team dynamic or friendship. I don’t think any less of you at all I had a wonderful time last night I’m just too close to my previous relationship to be in one right now.”

Another message, sent two months later, said: “Peter, I wanted to write to you to apologize for that night about two months ago, I have not been trying to avoid you since then.” She again apologized for the evening and said: “I did not treat you very well, it was disrespectful on my part to do what I did because I was drunk.” She also stated that she would like to remain friends and “I care about you and I never ever meant to hurt you and we were both drunk.”

The accuser, during the investigation a year later into whether a sexual assault occurred, claimed the messages “did not correctly reflect her feelings” due to her being in a state of “shock and disbelief” about the encounter.

Apparently, it’s now a matter of law that you can’t believe anything women say, even as you are required to believe everything women say.