TECHNOCRACY’S CHICKENS, COMING HOME TO ROOST: Joel Kotkin: Race, class issues starting to split Silicon Valley alliance of tech, progressives. “This class divide is increasingly central to progressive politics, which is bad news, indeed, for the tech oligarchs. Among the perceptive parts of the Left, the dissonance between the progressive-tilted techies and the economic reality they are creating is too obvious to ignore. . . . The immediate response from the oligarchs, and their swelling ranks of highly paid public-relations consultants, will likely be symbolic, mouthing the politically correct stance on climate change, even as they take off in their private jets. Also expect them to put more money into charitable activities, which could turn displaced cab drivers or factory assemblers into future wards of the tech elite. In the end, it seems little different from a glossy form of the Gilded Age – or feudalism.”