CAMPUS FREE SPEECH: ACLU of Oklahoma: ‘[I]t is difficult to imagine a situation in which a court would side with the [University of Oklahoma] on this matter.’

Right now, OU has to be hoping that the frat guys will be too embarrassed to sue. But slinking away would be a mistake. Better to be a First Amendment hero! So now the question is, how smart are OU frat guys? Or at least, how smart are their parents and lawyers?

Related: ACLU Now Admits OU’s SAE Expulsions Are Likely Unconstitutional. As they are. “I’m glad the organization is articulating a clearly pro-speech position on the expulsions. There is nothing contradictory about condemning the students for terribly racist statements while still defending their absolute right to express such sentiments.”

Nonsense. Free speech is only for speech that everyone likes!