ACCOUNTABILITY IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: What ever happened to NSA officials who looked up lovers’ records?

It’s been a year since Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Attorney General Eric Holder how it handled National Security Agency officials who abused the agency’s powers, and he still hasn’t gotten an answer.

Now, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee is renewing his call for Holder to explain whether or not any of the dozen people who used spying tools to track their spouses or others without authorization have been punished.

“Of course, the overwhelming majority of those who work in our national security and intelligence communities are dedicated, law-abiding people who deserve our profound thanks for helping to keep us safe,” Grassley wrote in a letter to Holder on Monday. “Nonetheless, there must be appropriate accountability for those few who violate the trust placed in them.

“Unfortunately, the American people still do not know whether anyone has been held accountable by the Department of Justice for abusing surveillance laws designed to acquire foreign intelligence information and protect the United States against terrorist attacks.”

Know your place, peasants!