FROM THE WASHINGTON POST, A Rand Paul Hit Piece. It’s pretty weak tea: He fought crony-capitalist certification rules that favored incumbents! But what’s really revealing isn’t what the piece says about Rand Paul, but the way the Post’s David Fahrentold spins it. Sample: “The Kentucky doctor was so outraged that he seceded.”

Get it? Rand Paul seceded! Because he’s practically Jefferson Davis and stuff. Expect more stuff like coverage like this of all the GOP possibles, from the press that never tried to get Barack Obama’s college transcripts.

UPDATE: From the comments:

Yep. And from the press (LA Times) that’s still hiding the Khalidi tape.

Americans: “Why can’t we see the Khalidi tape?”

LA Times: “Because there’s nothing on it”

Americans: “Then why can’t we see it?”

LA Times: “Because, Shut up.”