TERESA SULLIVAN IS BEHAVING UNETHICALLY, AND BREACHING HER DUTY TO TREAT ALL UVA STUDENTS FAIRLY: U.Va. president admits rape story was false; keeps restrictions on fraternities.

University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan finally admitted that she knows the Rolling Stone article detailing a brutal gang rape at the university was discredited.

“Before the Rolling Stone story was discredited, it seemed to resonate with some people simply because it confirmed their darkest suspicions about universities — that administrations are corrupt; that today’s students are reckless and irresponsible; that fraternities are hot-beds of deviant behavior,” Sullivan said during a presidential address.

Of course, Sullivan fell for the story hook, line and sinker as well. But it is her next sentence that really shows how out of touch she is.

“Working together, we have soundly refuted those suspicions through our actions over the past two months,” Sullivan said.

But have they?

Immediately following the Rolling Stone story, Sullivan extended the Greek council’s voluntary weekend ban (calling it a “pause”) on social activities through Jan. 9. And in order for Greek organizations to resume activities, they had to sign new agreements with the university that put new restrictions on their social activities.

Remember, these actions were spurred by a Rolling Stone article that has since been discredited.

The new restrictions on fraternities contradict what Sullivan said. They show that the university doesn’t trust Greek organizations, thinking they are “hot-beds of deviant behavior” with members that are “reckless and irresponsible” that need new rules that are more restrictive to save them from themselves. (Example: “Beer may be served, unopened in its original can.”)

The fraternities and sororities have been forced to adopt the new guidelines for fear of having university ties cut. They will never get an apology from Sullivan, that much is clear. But it would have at least been nice if she were straight with the students and told them that she is still acting on the “darkest suspicions” fueled by a false story about a rape.

She’s taking advantage of a false story that her office had a part in producing to do things she just wanted to do anyway. Where’s the Board of Visitors?