IT’S COME TO THIS: Women’s College Cancels ‘Vagina Monologues’ Because It Excludes Women Without Vaginas. “At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman … Gender is a wide and varied experience, one that cannot simply be reduced to biological or anatomical distinctions, and many of us who have participated in the show have grown increasingly uncomfortable presenting material that is inherently reductionist and exclusive.”

Plus, “we can’t present a show that is blatantly transphobic.”

UPDATE: Feminism’s Big Lie. “Because of societal changes, young women in 2015 have new problems that are not the same as the problems that were the original grievances of feminists circa 1968. And many of the problems experienced by young women today are arguably caused by feminism’s ‘success.’ If feminism is the cause of your problems, the solution is not more feminism. . . . If she is merely talking about her own personal problems, or the personal problems of women in general — ‘our f–king lives’ — without any political purpose, is this really feminism at all? Or is it just unhappy women complaining because they are unhappy? . . . Feminism is a formula for unhappiness, an ideology conceived by unhappy women who were unwilling to take responsibility for their own unhappiness.”