December 24, 2014

JUSTICE: Feds conceding Greeneville couple wrongfully convicted. “The move is extraordinary on a number of fronts. It comes after the Sens were publicly accused, tried and sentenced in a case deemed so important U.S. Attorney Bill Killian announced the couple’s indictment and, later, their conviction via news releases. The action to drop the case is being undertaken by the Justice Department’s civil division in Washington, D.C., although it was Killian’s staff who prosecuted the case and normally would have handled the appeal. And, Brinkman wrote in the motion the Justice Department plans to dismiss the case ‘with prejudice,’ meaning it can never be resurrected. . . . Now, it appears the couple will be vindicated. But court records show it may be too little, too late. Yarbrough said when news of the pair’s arrest went public, insurance companies cut ties with them and hospitals sought to revoke Dr. Sen’s medical privileges to treat patients at those facilities. Dr. Sen suffered a stroke during the prosecution process. Although he has recovered and many patients have remained loyal, Little wrote in a court memorandum the Sens have been ‘ruined’ personally and professionally.”

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