November 20, 2014

BY NOW EVERYONE HAS HEARD OF BOLLYWOOD, but the #3 film industry in the world — and it’s #2 by some measures — is Nigeria’s, known as “Nollywood.” My lovely and talented sister-in-law has started a service called Nollyland that lets you stream films to pretty much any device — the tech is really slick as it auto-sizes for different data rates and displays. Here’s an article on the service. And the films aren’t just from Nigeria, but also from Ghana and other African film industries.

Related: NollyLand app snapped up ‘like hotcakes.’

UPDATE: In the comments, people are asking for specific film recommendations. I emailed my brother, who’s watched a lot more of them than I have, and he replies: “King of Shitta is one of the most technically/artistically impressive movies. I’d go with that and A Christmas Passion, which is a tender love story.” And he relays that his lovely wife recommends Love of My Life. (Bumped).

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