November 17, 2014

IT’S POTEMKIN VILLAGES ALL THE WAY DOWN (CONT’D): Obamacare Facebook page comments mostly from small group of supporters: 60 percent of site’s 226,838 comments attributed to fewer than 100 unique profiles.

Organizing for Action declined to comment to The Times when asked whether it hired paid commentators to post on the site during high-traffic days or tried to spur online conversation through volunteers.

Organizing for Action also handles the president’s Twitter feed. This summer, it was found that nearly half of the president’s 43 million followers at the time appeared to be fake, according to researchers at Barracuda, a computer security company in Campbell, California. Organizing for Action also declined to comment at that time.

I expect we’ll eventually find that this is the tip of the iceberg in Obama campaign social-media fakery. An interesting question is whether Facebook and Twitter knew.

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