November 14, 2014

IS THE CULTURAL CONVERSATION ABOUT MEN, ACCESSIBLE TO MEN? “No.” Only women are supposed to be able to talk about gender issues. “If my Facebook News Feed is any small sampling of a larger cultural trend, the sound bites and headlines related to men are overwhelmingly negative. Part open season, part reprimand, all a form of galvanization of one (un)kind or another. Though the tone from conservative, liberal, religious and secular, women and men, varies—regardless of the medium—the underlying message is the same: man up. And by this is meant: check your privilege. And by this is sensed: males, your opinions on matters of sexual and social importance are less important, your experience is less valid, and any offence you may have felt is less offensive than the offense you have (if only collectively) dealt.”

The proper response to this treatment, by the way, is to say “fuck off — what makes you so special?”

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