THEY NEED TO BE PUT UNDER AN INJUNCTION: New York City Arrests, Prosecutes, Eventually Settles With Legal Knife Owner. “This latest example of the systemic persecution of knife owners in the most populous city in the U.S. boggles the mind. . . . Not content with just a dismissal, Jonathan (with the help of Knife Rights and attorney Richard Holzberg) sued the city for false arrest and malicious prosecution. After stretching out the litigation for more than six months, the city eventually settled with Jonathan for $7,500 taxpayer dollars. The DA could have saved everyone a lot of money, and over a year of Jonathan’s time, had they used their head and not prosecuted a man they knew to be innocent from the get go.”

If the DA really prosecuted someone known to be innocent, that’s a breach of legal ethics. Someone should notify the bar disciplinary office.