CHANGE: Scandal-Plagued Ex-White House counsel withdraws from AG race.

Former White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler is withdrawing her name from consideration to succeed Attorney General Eric Holder after President Obama approached her about the job.

“We can confirm the president asked Kathy to consider this, and she was among those the president had been looking at,” a White House official said Friday.

“Kathy took this step this week on her own volition, as she always has done, putting the president and administration first.”

Ruemmler, who for years played a central advisory and policy role at the White House, was thought to be Obama’s favorite for the job.

But her nomination could have sparked a tough confirmation battle, especially after a recent Washington Post story raised questions about how thoroughly she investigated allegations a White House volunteer may have solicited a prostitute ahead of a presidential trip to Colombia.

The White House has defended her investigation as thorough and the volunteer maintains his innocence, but the issue would likely draw attention in a potential confirmation hearing.

We will undoubtedly get an AG nominee inclined to protect insiders and donors at the expense of working stiffs, but it’s better to get one who’s not quite so obviously about that.