“AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT,” LIKE SO MUCH ELSE, IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE. I thought only “yes” means yes: Did Obama get true, verbalized consent from that woman before he kissed her? No. He did not. Plus, a case study in the privilege of the powerful male lording it over the lower-class male:

Obama orders her to kiss him: “You’re gonna kiss me. Give him something to talk about. Now, he’s really jealous.” As you see in the video, he makes that declarative statement and immediately grabs her and kisses and hugs her.

Why is that acceptable? He’s using her in an effort to regain dignity and to humiliate the man who humiliated him. It might all be dismissed as play humiliation and play counter-humiliation. But the woman’s body was used as an object of that play, a means of communication between men.

Must be part of that war on women I’ve been hearing about.