AMY ALKON: Michelle Obama Confuses U.S. With Saudi Arabia.

About the USA, First Lady Michelle Obama said at the United Nations, “We still struggle with … harmful cultural norms that tell women how they are expected to look and act.”

We have these for men, too. They’re called “civilization.” This is the most free country on the planet. Norms here, unlike in Saudi Arabia, do not come with morality police slinking around every corner, looking to throw you in a cage and give you a caning.

I’ve violated “norms” my whole life, like the “get married and have children” norm — along with the “be normal” norm. Sure, there are tradeoffs, but I choose to be as I am, and it’s not a form of persecution when people try to push me to get married or when they look askance for me for being unmarried or working all the time.