September 22, 2014

BOB ZUBRIN: Victory From Space: In 20th-century wars, the key was air power. In 21st-century wars, it will be space power. “The defense not only of Europe, but of the entire free world, hangs upon this matter. For the past 70 years, U.S. Navy carrier task forces have controlled the world’s oceans, first making and then keeping the Pax Americana which has done so much to secure and advance the human condition over the postwar period. But should there ever be another major conflict, an adversary possessing the ability to locate and target those carriers from space would be able to wipe them out with the push of a button. For this reason, it is imperative that the United States possess space capabilities that are so robust as to assure not only our own ability to operate in and through space, but also our ability to comprehensively deny this power to others. Space superiority means having better space assets than an enemy. Space supremacy means being able to assert a complete monopoly of such capabilities. The latter is what we must have.”

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