September 12, 2014


Over at Instapundit, I read yesterday that the IRS defended its Breitbart audit with this statement: “The IRS stresses that audits are based on the information related to tax returns and the underlying tax law — nothing else.”

Glenn aptly writes “And who could hear this without laughing?” Actually, I know from personal experience it is false, because a while back I was subject to a “practice audit.” . . .

Of course, I was not going to hit the IRS guy. I was only going to ask what the hell a practice audit is? What did the IRS think it was doing in practicing on me–in dragging me and my accountant to an audit that had no other purpose than to train an IRS employee who did not even turn up!

But curiosity, anger, and pushback are not advisable when dealing with the IRS. My accountant was wiser than I was, and I am forever grateful. But I also am grateful for the opportunity finally to tell this story. Let’s see if I get audited for it!

As the number of Administration critics increases, their resources will be considerably more strained, compared to a few years ago, when they could audit that Tim Geithner “Tax Cheat” guy. Who, happily, was undeterred.

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