September 5, 2014

HOW WASHINGTON’S REVOLVING DOOR Spurred Obama Administration’s Anti-Inversion Push. “If you were wondering why the White House suddenly took an interest in the consequences of tax inversion deals last spring, here is the reason – a pair of Wall Streeters with ties to the Obama administration made some calls on behalf of AstraZeneca which, you may recall, was trying to fend off an unwanted bid from Pfizer. Pfizer cited a tax inversion as one reason for its offer.”

So it was all about the Obama Administration taking a side in corporate maneuvering, and not about what was good for America. Color me shocked.

Hey, how about enacting my revolving-door surtax?

UPDATE: Oh, hey, and for bonus hypocrisy points, while blathering on about “economic patriotism,” the Obama Administration was actually backing a foreign company (AstraZeneca, which is British/Swedish) against an American company, Pfizer.

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