August 23, 2014

JUST THE SORT OF POLITICIAL JIU-JITSU I’VE ENCOURAGED: Republicans Strike Mark Begich Where He’s Strongest.

Earlier Thursday, American Crossroads launched an ad attacking Mr. Begich on women’s issues – the core of the argument he’s made for months against Republican nominee Dan Sullivan, who won Tuesday’s Senate primary. The Crossroads ad attacks Mr. Begich for gender pay disparity on his Senate staff: Women in his Senate office, the ad says, earn 71 cents for every dollar men do.

“Tell Senator Begich to end unequal pay for women,” states the Crossroads ad. Crossroads spent $1.25 million to air the ad through Sept. 3.

Heh. They should be doing this everywhere it applies, which is most places. It’ll suppress Dem turnout, and it’s just well-deserved payback for that imbecilic “War On Women” meme.

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