RAZORBLOGGING: So shaving and shavers have been an occasional topic here at InstaPundit for quite a while, and the other day I was at the store and saw a display with the new Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Men’s Razor With “Flexball Handle Technology.” I bought one and gave it a try.

There’s technology all over this thing. Pressing a button in the handle makes it vibrate with surprising intensity, and the “Flexball Handle Technology” means that the head pivots about 30 degrees to the left or right, supposedly ensuring a better and more even shave. Verdict: Good! I felt (and the Insta-Wife agreed) that it left my face extremely smooth. I shaved both with and without the vibration and honestly I couldn’t tell any difference. The “Flexball Handle Technology” actually did seem to make things a bit easier. Is it better than previous Fusion and Fusion Power razors? Possibly, though the difference is probably the blade: I’ve long suspected that they use a better quality of steel in the new variety of blades at first, then gradually cut back as they roll out new models later. (I think Mickey Kaus observed this a while back). Still, not bad at all.

But if you’re going to shave with a razor, my number one recommendation is to keep a styptic pencil around. I almost never cut myself, but when I do, it’s inevitably at an inconvenient time.