June 30, 2014

IN THE SUPREME COURT TODAY, a loss for public-sector unions, and a win for Hobby Lobby. Hasn’t been a very good year for Obama in the Supreme Court.

UPDATE: Party of Hate. ‘Fu*k you:’ Left-wingers want to ‘burn down’ Hobby Lobby after SCOTUS win.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Eugene Volokh and Jonathan Adler on the Hobby Lobby case.

Plus: The vote on whether “for-profit corporations or their owners may bring claims under [RFRA]” is 5 to 2, not 5 to 4. “Justices Breyer and Kagan express no opinion on the issue.”

MORE: Noah Rothman: The left loses their minds over Hobby Lobby decision. “It seems that liberal commentators have convinced themselves that, just as was the case in 1911, the courts and the country have deemed women to be of lesser value than their male counterparts. The distinction between these two eras, of course, is that while that argument could be supported in 1911, it exists only in the heads of progressives in 2014.”

They must always have a Great Evil to crusade against, because only crusading against a Great Evil can excuse their own actions. Meanwhile, here’s a debunking of the Hobby Lobby talking points, from Ann Althouse.

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