June 19, 2014

THE HILL: GOP young-adult group hits Landrieu in new ad: ‘We can’t afford that!’

The ad, shared first with The Hill, shows a young woman pushing a Landrieu look-a-like around a grocery store in a shopping cart. The politician greedily grabs items off the shelves, munching cookies and hoarding goods as the young woman admonishes, “I told you we can’t afford that!”
“Washington politicians, like Sen. Mary Landrieu, have a spending problem. They’re wasting money they don’t have, and sticking our generation with the bill,” a narrator says in the ad.

When a cashier finally rings up all of the groceries, the sum comes out to $800,000 — an 18-year-old’s share of the national debt, per a Budget Committee analysis — and the Landrieu stand-in dismisses it: “She’s got it.”

Sounds pretty accurate.

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