June 18, 2014

FASCIST IMPULSES: Hillary Clinton cannot let you hold a viewpoint about guns that is terrorizing the vast majority of Americans. “Not only did Hillary completely turn her back on ‘balanc[ing] competing values’ and ‘more thoughtful conversation,’ she doesn’t want to allow the people on one side of the conversation even to believe what they believe. Those who care about gun rights and reject new gun regulations should be stopped from holding their viewpoint. Now, it isn’t possible to forcibly prevent people from holding a viewpoint. Our beliefs reside inside our head. And in our system of free speech rights, the government cannot censor the expression of a viewpoint. But the question is Hillary Clinton’s fitness for the highest office, and her statement reveals a grandiose and profoundly repressive mindset.”

You can see why her supporters wanted to ban the word “bossy.”

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