May 24, 2014

WOMEN SEEM WICKED, when you’re unwanted.

Related: Do you live inside a movie? “Needs used to be food, shelter and clothing. Today people have entitlements. . . . But the worst thing about the ‘supreme gentleman’s’ video rant is that it’s so funny. The rant sounded exactly like what it is: a bad movie, like Plan 9 from Outer Space. The horror notwithstanding, the rant was ridiculous. Yet there was nothing ridiculous about what ensued. Someone’s son had gone out and killed other children for essentially nothing. The greater tragedy is that maybe we as a civilization have forgotten our own humanity. The killer had turned himself into a cartoon; taken his flesh and blood and bone, plus something we once considered imbued with an immortal soul and converted it into a throwaway cardboard cutout character. Glamor has made real life too bland for us. But the price is high; in rejecting life we lose shame and we lose love; and all we have in the end is celebrity.”

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