FAREWELL TO ALL THAT:  As usual, it’s been both an honor, a pleasure and daunting to be 1/8th of Glenn.  As usual I’m more in awe than ever of the fact he does this while holding down a job and writing books! Should any of you wish to drop by and say “hi” my little blog is According To Hoyt and I try to blog every day (though the next week will have a lot of guest bloggers, as I struggle to finish a novel.)  And for the writer side, this is my web page. Thank you for your patience with the ditsy writer and for making this gig fun.  And thank you to Glenn for letting me play. (UPDATE: And thank you to all my co-bloggers.  I didn’t think to say that, because I thought it was obvious, but sometimes the obvious must be said.  They always seem so competent and on top of things compared to me, that I wonder how I slipped into the team. Glad I did though.  It’s lots of fun.)