THIS IS ONLY NEWS TO THOSE WHO HAVEN’T PAID ATTENTION — BUT THAT’S PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE IN MEDIA OR ACADEMIA OR GOVERNMENT: A new study reveals that men are often the victims of sexual assault, and women are often the perpetrators. And that doesn’t include prison:

The final outrage in Stemple and Meyer’s paper involves inmates, who aren’t counted in the general statistics at all. In the last few years, the BJS did two studies in adult prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities. The surveys were excellent because they afforded lots of privacy and asked questions using very specific, informal, and graphic language. (“Did another inmate use physical force to make you give or receive a blow job?”) Those surveys turned up the opposite of what we generally think is true. Women were more likely to be abused by fellow female inmates, and men by guards, and many of those guards were female. For example, of juveniles reporting staff sexual misconduct, 89 percent were boys reporting abuse by a female staff member. In total, inmates reported an astronomical 900,000 incidents of sexual abuse.

Yet we’re still stuck — as the Obama Administration’s new campus sexual-assault drive proves — in outdated stereotypes in which women are fragile flowers and men are vessels of barely-restrained lust. Because that suits the narrative.