#VOXFAIL: So the headline on this Vox piece by Sarah Kliff is dramatic: Chipotle’s Calorie Labels Are A Lie. But if you actually read the article, you find out that (1) the calorie ranges are because the dishes are highly customizable; and (2) though Kliff doesn’t like the “range” approach, it turns out that “The Obamacare requirement to post calorie labels, however, favors the range approach. In regulations published in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration directed restaurants to publish a range from the lowest calorie version of an item to the highest. But it doesn’t say anything about including examples of what’s included at each end.”

So, Chipotle’s accused of a lie, but the real problem is bad regulation that’s the result of ObamaCare. Maybe I should have headlined this Vox’s Headline Is A Lie.