WAR ON WOMEN: Obama talks about pay gap, but then punishes working mothers. “New rules issued by Obama’s Treasury Department force many department employees with kids to burn a vacation day or take unpaid leave whenever snow shuts down the district. For a childless worker, on the other hand, a snow day means a free day off. The rules behind this cruel dynamic make some sense, but not if you care about helping women achieve pay equity.” Mitch McConnell and Kelly Ayotte want to fix, but Obama is talking veto.

UPDATE: From the comments:

There’s something even more revealing. Yesterday, I did my taxes with Turbotax. Part of the warnings that come with using the home office deduction are what that room cannot be used for. One was that it couldn’t contain a crib for a baby.

If a young mother is running a business out of her home, why shouldn’t she be able to have that baby sleeping alongside her as she works? How does that differ from having the baby in the next room?

I’m sure that idea flows from the nasty, Democratic-tilting little minds of the IRS rather than formal legislation. But it also offers the Republicans an excellent opportunity to offer practical help. Pass legislation that allows child-centered activities for either parent in a home office. Not only allow it to be OK, mandate that it is OK.

It’s not a bad idea.