JAMES TARANTO: On ‘Asymmetric Stupidity:’ The unwitting autobiography of Paul Krugman.

Even more hilariously unreflective than Krugman’s insistence that conservatives are biased and liberals aren’t are the two explanations he offers. One is “that liberalism goes along with a skeptical, doubting–even self-doubting–frame of mind.” That probably described some forms of liberalism at some times in history, but today’s American left-liberalism is anything but. To return to “climate change,” liberal dogma today holds that skepticism is contrary to science when in reality it is the very essence of science.

“Another possible answer,” Krugman goes on, “is that it’s institutional, that liberals don’t have the same kind of monolithic, oligarch-financed network of media organizations and think tanks as the right.”

That’s right. Krugman is complaining that conservatives have “monolithic . . . media organizations”–on the website of the New York Times.