TECH OVERLORDS SUDDENLY CAST AS BAD GUYS: Anti-tech protesters target Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose.

Protesters stood with signs and handed out flyers outside of a Google Ventures partner and entrepreneur’s home in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood Sunday, calling him a “parasite” and a “leech.”

Flyers passed out at the protest said that Kevin Rose, 37, who founded Digg and several other web companies before joining Google Ventures, accelerates the growth of tech wealth in the city by investing in startups.

“Accelerates the growth of tech wealth in the city by investing in startups.” Quelle horreur! Two points: (1) Hero to villain and the election only a year ago; and (2) When Tea Party groups show up at lefties’ homes with pitchforks, I don’t want the national press to suddenly decide that this is something new, unprecedented, and horrible. Though, of course, that’s what they’ll do.

Okay, one more point: Anything successful, lefties will ultimately try to drag down. Because, at core, their politics are based on envy, resentment, and a wholly-earned sense of inferiority. Meanwhile, perhaps I’ll send some remedial reading to Mr. Rose. It may resonate differently now.