THE PITCHFORKS AREN’T A TOOL. THE PITCHFORKS ARE AN END IN THEMSELVES. Gay Marriage Supporter Abhors Mozilla’s Decision to Fire Eich.

This is no more than political correctness gone berserk. It is totalitarianism flying under the banner of marriage equality. How reactionary, how fascistic, and, yes, how darkly comic is that.

And to give you an idea how dangerous this is, for those who don’t already know, the names of those who donated to Proposition 8 were leaked by the IRS in 2012 to the same-sex marriage supporting Human Rights Campaign who then posted those returns, for a time, on their website. Human rights, but apparently not for Brendan Eich.

The weird part of all this is that gay marriage is virtually a fait accompli in our culture. Leading politicians in both parties either back it or say that it should be decided by the states. But the Robespierres go on.

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