CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER: The Left’s Own Law Factories:

In late April 2013, the American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin chapter gathered for a post-election “workshop” on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Among those scheduled to present that day was Mike McCabe of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, to explain how big-spending special interests “conspire to prevent government decisions from reflecting the will of the people.” McCabe’s presentation promised to include a discussion of how “Super PACs, dark money and unlimited election spending” erode “democracy’s health.”

Perhaps lacking the most in McCabe’s presentation was any sense of irony or self-awareness. According to one recent report, AFT has been the 12th-largest contributor to candidates and outside spending groups in America over the last quarter-century, shelling out $37 million to support Democratic candidates almost exclusively. Further, WDC is a liberal lobbying group that advocates for progressive reforms while refusing to disclose its donors, and McCabe himself is a registered lobbyist.

Thus, this cavalcade of hypocrisy comprised one state special interest group explaining to another super-wealthy special interest group that the influence of special interest groups is ruining democracy. These groups think they are the innocent Penelope Pussycat being terrorized by Pepe le Pews of the right, but, in fact, they are all skunks.

And when it comes to litigation and lawfare, the left has got the right outnumbered and outgunned many times over.