February 12, 2014

JOURNALISM: Slate on Affirmative Action.

Here’s a HuffPo piece that had him going on about how he has no black friends, even though he’s totally liberal and lives in NYC. He’s “never even been inside a black person’s house.” So that’s his background. Why he’s the person to declare and explain the failure of affirmative action and to propose a solution, I do not know.

Does Slate know? Obviously, Slate’s publishing the article boosts Colby’s stature as an expert on this topic. It’s why I’m reading Colby’s piece. But I can see the reasons why Slate would publish this. It knows its readers are mostly white liberals, and it’s easy to guess that they’re susceptible to the narcissistic question: Where are my black friends? (Obama counts as one friend, but he’s always so busy.)


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