February 5, 2014

IN LIGHT OF YESTERDAY’S POST ON USING “PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION” to launder NSA surveillance in DEA prosecutions, reader Eric Klaus writes:

The big unanswered question is… “Where else is Parallel Construction being used?”

Are there NSA insiders “tipping” off journalists at the National Enquirer as to potential political scandals involving political enemies?

Are there NSA insiders “tipping” off the Justice Department to the Political Contributions of Anti-Obama filmmakers such as Dinesh D’Souza?

Are there NSA insiders who’ve read the rest of the BridgeGate emails and are prepared to “tip” the necessary parties regarding Presidential Aspirant Chris Christie?

Are there NSA insiders who’ve already cataloged every single thing Ted Cruz has written and conversed about and gathering a dossier to “tip” off interested parties at the right time?

These are the big questions.

Just imagine the power there is in this database.

When you no longer can be sure that there are things the government wouldn’t do, you have to base your assessments on the things that it could do. As I’ve noted, making “crazy” conspiracy theories seem more-or-less sane is one of Obama’s toxic legacies.

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