January 3, 2014

TECHNOLOGY: An Ex-Soldier Designs an Ingenious, Badass Grill for Camping Out.

No one expects to have access to a Viking range or other high-end kitchen amenities when camping, but it doesn’t mean outdoorsy folks should settle for unsteady, unsightly camp grills. These nominally portable appliances take up an oversize amount of space in backpacks that are already filled to the brim and are just an errant s’more swing away from toppling into a nylon tent, turning a vacation into a visit to the burn unit.

Fortunately, Israeli design student Roee Magdassi has developed a new collapsible cooking concept called Stakes that brings a trifecta of improvements to the outdoor cooking industry. Instead of a rigid, spot-welded frame, his on-the-go system threads braided steel cables through the grate that allow it to be rolled up when not cooking burgers. Rickety fold-out legs are replaced with three titanium stakes that hold the grill in tension, increasing stability. Lastly, an unusual triangular shape gives the design an eye-catching look while making setup simple.

Looks pretty cool.

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