Anti-semitism is reaching terrifyingly high levels in Europe. According to a new survey by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, almost half of the Jews in some European countries have considered emigration due to anti-semitism. . . .

Interestingly, the piece reports that European Jews tend to believe that anti-semitism is coming mostly from Muslim populations and from the European left-wing, not from the European right-wing. It appears that left-wing hostility to orthodox religion and to religious practices like circumcision is combining with Muslim anger about Israel, making the EU an increasingly unfriendly place for Jews. If these trends continue to gather momentum, we may soon see a significant minority of Jews leaving their home countries for more tolerant shores.

This is something that InstaPundit has been covering since the beginning. It’s only gotten worse. If I were Jewish, I’d be buying property in the U.S., or somewhere safe. Related archive item here.