WASHINGTON POST: The Lowest Low Of The Obama Presidency. Oh, I dunno, there’s a lot of competition. But it’s nice to see the Post notice that there are lows at all . . . .

More: “Here’s Obama’s problem(s). The 5 percent feel misled. (Obama did apologize to them for the first time in the interview with Todd.) HealthCare.gov doesn’t work right — and won’t until at least the end of the month. Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2014 are getting nervous and already working to distance themselves from the law and him. His job approval and personal popularity numbers are at – or near — their lowest ebb in years. He lacks any major second-term accomplishment and is watching while his biggest first term accomplishment struggles to get off the ground.”

The “only five percent of the population are affected” talking point has two problems. First, it’s not really true, as these problems ramify out and the employer mandate — now deferred on questionable legal authority — kicks in. Second, “only” five percent? We’re talking about ENDA for gays and they’re a smaller percentage than that. I don’t hear anyone saying gay rights are no big deal because only a few percent of Americans are gay.

UPDATE: Former MSNBC Host’s Health Plan Cancelled, New Plan Costs 3.5 Times More.