POINTS AND FIGURES: The Secret No One is Talking About Buried In Obamacare.

Obamacare is a total fail. It’s too clunky. They didn’t exactly use Lean Startup principles when they wrote the bill.

One of the goals of Obamacare which I agree with in principle is to separate employment from health insurance. Tying them together creates all kinds of poor economic incentives. But, the ACA law is littered with even worse economic incentives. One of them is mobility.

Obamacare will cause people to freeze in geographic location.

Insurance companies cannot compete across state lines, so your policy is only portable within your state. That’s bad for economic development. A person now has to deal with 50 sets of rules, 50 exchanges. Obamacare didn’t solve the problem.

There will be people that stay in place because of insurance costs from one state to the next. I have looked, and personally for me my costs of insurance go up exponentially when I move out of state.

In our old broken healthcare system, employers would pick up the difference. As our society transitions to an independent worker society, and insurance isn’t tied to job, individuals will be forced to pick up the cost.

Instead of opening up competition, Obamacare shuts it down. One of the great facets of the United States is that each state competes with the other. If one state passes bad laws, and restricts freedom, people can pick up and leave to go to another state. If an industry shuts down, people can leave and pursue opportunity somewhere else.

Obamacare makes that highly difficult.

So many layers of disaster here. It’s like peeling an onion of fail.