October 7, 2013

JOHN ONDRASIK SHOVED OUT OF JEFFERSON MEMORIAL: I asked him “why do you have to put your hands on me and push me out when I’m leaving anyways”…he replied “it’s quicker this way”…

Duane Patterson comments:

Look, we know the meme has been written within mainstream media since before the shutdown began. It’s the Republicans’ intransigence that has caused all this. There certainly will be plenty of time to debate the wisdom and efficacy of the strategy. But can we not just recognize what’s going on here? The President is a tyrant. That’s what you call people who act in a tyrannical manner.

MSM might continue to cover up the horrible optics of the childish and despotic lengths President Obama’s administration will go to make sure the effects of the shutdown are felt as painfully as possible to make a political point. But all of you who read this have a voice. You can help by multiplying John’s message by showing what’s really going on. Retweet it, if you’re on Twitter, post it, if you’re on Facebook, or if nothing else, tell others what this government is doing. The fight in Washington is more than just Obamacare. It always has been. It’s about what happens when a government gets too big and decides it doesn’t serve the people anymore.

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