NICK GILLESPIE: Let Us Be Clear: Obama Deserves Chief Responsibility for Gov’t Shutdown. “Boehner and the GOP may well be ‘anarchists’ and Reid and the Dems may be useless. But it’s the president who runs the show.” Obama wanted a shutdown, and Obama got a shutdown. He likes chaos, division and fingerpointing.

UPDATE: You can’t blame the House GOP for this: Despite Three-and-a-Half Years To Prep Obamacare, A Fiasco Takes Shape. “A responsible steward of taxpayer dollars would never have considered opening the exchanges in their current state of disarray. . . . The press has certainly known about the bureaucracy’s failure to execute for well over a year. Yet, with very rare exceptions, one will search in vain for coverage of the missed deadlines, internal control weaknesses, and emptied slush funds from the Associated Press, the New York Times, or the broadcast networks.”