JOHN HINDERAKER: Voters Like Republican Ideas So Why Don’t They Elect Republicans? I think a lot of it’s the press, and Hinderaker agrees:

Given those numbers, you would think that Republicans will sweep in 2014–increase their hold on the House, and take the Senate. But that isn’t what voters have in mind. Rasmussen also finds that currently, Democrats lead Republicans in the generic Congressional preference poll by 40%-37%. It’s a paradox: voters prefer Republicans on the issues, but still lean toward voting for Democrats. One could speculate about why that is true; I think it is obvious that the press’s ceaseless attacks on Republicans are part of the explanation. That is a longstanding problem, but the numbers suggest that Republicans will do best if they keep pounding away on the issues, especially the ones where voters are predisposed to favor them.

Yes, but they need to take a wider view and figure out ways of neutralizing the dying traditional media. Also, repeal the Hollywood Tax Cuts!