INSTAPUNDIT READERS KNOW THAT I LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT CLEANING SOMETIMES, from the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (it really is magic!) to the multi-functional Barkeeper’s Friend. (I’m a Virgo. We’re clean.) But over the weekend I got this Bissell carpet spotcleaner and it did very well. Our carpets generally have an easy life, but I traipse back and forth between the kitchen upstairs and the Insta-Bunker downstairs several times a day carrying coffee, red wine, etc. (And when my sister-in-law visits, the same thing happens with her going upstairs to the guest room). About once a year we get a carpet cleaner to come and clean the carpets, which gets rid of the inevitable spots. But half an hour with this gadget and they were all gone. We had a Hoover steam-vac some years ago, but I don’t know if the cleaners are better (that’s my guess) or if this gadget is just better, but it worked like a charm. Paid for itself with one use.