JAMES TARANTO: The Breakfast Club: Can the Syria debacle get any worse? Yes, it can.

It is difficult for any nation, but especially for a democracy, to sustain a military effort if it loses public support. That counsels against beginning a military effort to which the public is already overwhelmingly opposed. And the fecklessness of the Obama administration has even some hawkish conservatives among the opinion elite opposing the resolution. Examples include Charles Krauthammer and Kristol’s own young colleague Stephen Hayes.

Last week, with some intellectual exertion, this columnist formulated an argument that approving the resolution was a less bad option than rejecting it. The administration’s recklessly erratic presentation of its case in the ensuing days has made remaining convinced of that argument too exhausting for us.

Then there’s the Cheerio’s bit — which was no doubt leaked by the White House as a way of gaining support. . . .